Gold Geometric Valentine’s Display

PicMonkey Collage

So… I last posted about changing displays, and how I came against a brick wall (literally, brick facade) of the upstairs mantel. My living room is black-white-grey-yellow… how the heck do I make it all Valentine’s-y in there with THAT combination?!

bad display

I started to play around on Pinterest, looking for “gold” hearts, and came across this fabulous post by Oleander and Palm. I LOVE the geometric design (so hip right now)… the more I played with the gold idea, the more this mantel came together. I wanted some kind of bigger back-drop-art-thing to help balance out the R – by the big yellow and crystal lamp. While looking through my choices for canvases, or bigger frames, I found this old leather and elastic photo display. Lookie there.. the back is black! I knew I had some old pieces of gold card-stock, and so I just started playing with the placement of gold stripes with white hearts.

Gold Heart display 1

*Romantic side-bar, this gold card-stock was first used 10.5 years ago when I was making my wedding invitations. I cannot believe I’ve held onto it this long.. and moved it this many times. But it does make for a sentimental addition to this display!!

After I made this piece, I decided to go for the fabulous O&P geometric heart. I took down the old Sherlock Holmes cork board, and started to rework it with the tri-coloured triangles. I added some free-floating hearts down one side, and then a framed quotation on the other. I LOVE IT! I’m going to use this pattern at school with the kids to decorate their V-Day mailboxes.

Geometric Heart 2

When I started playing with the mantel, I decided that I wanted some height – and what better way than a sweet paper heart garland that I sewed up tonight. This was good practice for a chandelier that I’m hoping to make for an upcoming party. I went around my house and found random things that were gold, glittery or otherwise matched the colour scheme! I love the little vignette with a photo of me and my man, my bottle of “J’adore by Dior”, an old glittered up key and an apple… which later got replaced by an owl.

Geometric Gold 3

I’m so happy with the final transformation in the living room. Hope you’re having a heart-tastic day too!




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