Changing Seasons, Changing Displays

As the weather starts to warm, and we near the end of the month, it’s time for me to say goodbye to the white Winter-themed displays around my house, and hello to the fabulous reds and pinks of Valentine’s day! This year, I might even keep them up through March, as I LOVE V-Day (as previously mentioned) and I’m not really feeling the Irish Green this year.

I’m happy to show off some of the crafty things I did last year, before the birth of The Craft Fairy, and also a project I did WAY back in December but never blogged about. Here we go on our tour!

Because January is such a long, dull month, I like to change from the Christmas displays, yet still keep things cool and crisp. This year, the mantels and front door featured flakes and foxes:

January - framed skatesI made this framed skate-art last year and I absolutely adore it. I think the whole thing cost me $3 ($2.50 for the skates). I got the foliage from a free bin at the church bazaar, and the frame I painted up a cheery yellow to go with my living room accents.

January downstairsDownstairs was a little more subdued, with these fabulous vintage honeycomb snowflakes, a decoupaged gold succulent from Krista and a beautifully framed zoological fox print from Brittney. The “snow” blocks I made as little gifts for my crafty lady friends. I used leftover blocks from my baby block project and painted them with a mixture of black craft paint, plaster of paris and a little water to get the right consistency. You can chalk them up for any event or season, classic black – perfect for any colour scheme too!

Fox WreathI was super happy with this adorable wreath that took my all of 1 minute to make. I found Mr and Mrs Fox ornaments on clearance at Target when I was travelling in California, along with the sparkly grape-vine wreath. I merely attached the little figures and moved the R from my December frame and basket wreath. They were warm ambassadors for my front door.

Now for the big reveal of the February displays…… (Drum Roll Please)

downstairs FebI made this adorable pink, white and red felt heart & pearl garland last year. I took a long rectangle of felt, folded it, and sewed a seam parallel to the fold. I then sewed up a long tube of felt at one end, then, opened the seam, and placed the ends together, sewing another seam along the bottom. Then I cut at 2″ intervals, cutting many hearts out. I needed to string pearls between the top “lumps” of each heart, to keep them open so they would be heart shaped, rather than squishy felt shaped. This was a super easy project and I made a ton of garlands very quickly. Please see here for the Fox framed card. I love the tin mail box!


Wool Ball WreathLast year when we were moving my Nana into Rainbow Gardens, I started to sort through some of her crafting supplies. She was a great pack rat, and I found bags upon bags of little balls of leftover yarn. I had fun making this wreath with all of those little balls. I love the slogan I ended up with (this was based solely on the left-over chip-board letters I had at my disposal) and the needles just pull it all together.

2 Valentine Buntings

Last year, (shockingly) I made a few buntings.. one for my entry in the turquoise and burgundy colour scheme, and then one for the dining room in purples. The first I made using book pages, lovingly ripped out of an aging paperback, trimmed to a pennant shape, and a heart out of scrapbook paper on top. My friend, Brittney was so taken with them, that I made her a few more for her wedding.. check them out , and all of the vintage farmhouse glory over at Krista’s blog (scroll down a-ways through the fabulous pics!)

lace and paint chip bunting

The second frilly version, is merely made of paint-chips, cut to shape, with a little lace glued on top.

And then came the issue of the living room. As you may have realized, the living room has a hip colour scheme – black and white, grey and .. yellow. Now, yellow does not scream “Valentine’s Day!” I was at a bit of a loss.

bad display

Stay tuned for how this got fixed.. and more!








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