Foxy Valentine

foxy valentine 1

I have been touting the fox as the new owl for about a year now, before Ylvis sang about it, and the stores exploded with Vulpes Volpes paraphernalia. (BTW, I was also ahead of the hedgehog trend, with my darling pet, Georgette). Basically, woodland creatures are in!

To keep the the current animal zeitgeist, I decided to find a foxy Valentine to send to my fabulous foxy friends. Then I remembered an old Martha Stewart article (back when I bought print magazines) which featured a wonderful woodland scene. I have actually made this Valentine before (probably 3-4 years ago?) but I changed it up this year.

The great thing about this template, is that you can really make it your own. The first time I made it, I painted the fox and the tree-heart and stitched the trail. This time, I also painted the trees with water-colours and I added some sparkly snow to my framed piece.

foxy valentine 2

Martha suggests alternatives such as gluing heart-shaped leaves, changing the embroidered stitch (running stitch or backstitch), adding larger hearts from patterned scrapbook paper. Really, the possibilities are endless… add buttons, outline the fox in embroidery – actually, the whole thing would look amazing, embroidered on muslin and just using black and red, and perhaps silver snowflakes. If I only had the time…! (See here for my 5-minute Valentine hoops!)

foxy valentine 3

If you’re looking for a more kid-friendly fox valentine, I’m making these adorable ones: a SKULK of Valentines from Raspberry and Orange with my class next week. Unfortunately, my own children want nothing to do with adorable foxes, instead I have to go the Minecraft route to keep them happy. Sigh.

foxy valentine 4


I hope I get a couple of cards in my mail box this year!



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