Hoop Valentine Art


Finally, I’m back after a couple month hiatus! I DID do some Christmas crafts, but didn’t get around to posting them.. (partly as a lot of them were gifts.. couldn’t spoil the surprise!) Anyways, I’m back with the first (hopefully) of a few Valentine’s Day projects.

I LOVE V-Day. love love love love love it. It’s my favourite holiday, better than Halloween, even better than Christmas. So, what better way to start out 2014 than with a quick and easy project. It took me way longer to blog it, than it did to make it! I’ve been inspired by the embroidery hoop seasonal art floating around Pinterest since Halloween.. so I’ve been collecting them as I find them at the thrift store.


There are tons of embellishments one could add – buttons, ribbon, painting the hoop – not to mention embroidery! But I like these little gems just as is. So much so, that I’m keeping them in my craft/laundry room so I can enjoy them myself!


I’d say that was $5 well spent!




2 thoughts on “Hoop Valentine Art

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