Quick Knit Hot-Water Bottle Cover

At the end of last cold season (so, like in April), my hot-water bottle died. It was very sad.

As I started to turn up the heat, here at home, I decided to invest another $6.79 and bought myself an ugly red rubber bottle from Wal-mart. (My old one was lovely and cream, with a sheep-skin cover! a present from my honey.. probably more than $7!) I hate the feeling of that rubber on my tootsies, so I decided to make myself a cover.


Initially I was thinking of sewing some tea-towels together, but I was getting bored with my other knitting project, so I decided to start a new one. I had this fabulous chartreuse thick yarn, cast on 33 stitches and started knitting away! Basically, I just eye-balled the length and width and made myself one big rectangle, using a FULL bottle as a template. Then I sewed up the bottom and one side (the other side is just folded).

I had these adorable granny-squares from the summer I taught myself to crochet from youtube. I had the grand plan that I was going to make an afghan for my friend’s wedding. As you may have realized I do not do well with huge, long term projects (Lord help me next year when I have to do my big thesis for grad-school!), so I have a total of 8 squares.. they will now serve to decorate hot-water bottle covers! I also added a little button to finish it off.

H2o 2

Finally, I used a crochet hook and threaded some yard around the top of the cover to create a little draw-string for the neck of the bottle. I made a little tassel with the ends.

Apologies for the colours of these photos.. it does not do this project justice. The chartreuse and turquoise are fabulous together! This project was so fast and easy, I’m making a second one tonight. Now the boys won’t fight over it. Wait a minute.. I’m going to have to make 2 more if I ever want one for myself!

Wishing you Warm Toes!



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