Frame & Basket Wreath

Well blog-readers, I have finally finished all of my “must-do” jobs for school (i.e.: report cards) and for grad-school (i.e.: final paper and presentation) so I’ve got a little time to post on the ol’ CF blog.

I made this fabulous frame-wreath a couple of weeks ago. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

wreath intro

Of course, the fabulousness is totally in the details.


I found the birch bark on the ground in P-ville not long ago.. I knew I wanted to use it for something special. I bought a frame for $1, sprayed adhesive, and pressed the bark on.. easy-peasy. The great thing about this, is that it’s not attached to the basket at all, so you’ll be seeing this in another form soon, I’m sure!


The basket is FLAT backed. This is super important, so that it lays nicely against the door. I had had my eye on this basket for a while, not sure how to use it.. this is the perfect application. Once again, it can be easily filled with other items (I’m thinking maybe Easter eggs!) for another season. I sprayed a little white and gold, as I didn’t love the original dark brown colour.  Since  I wanted my greenery (cedar from behind my back-yard fence) to last all season, so inside the basket is some floral foam. (It came in the basket from the thrift store.. 75c).

square wreath deets

Glitter & Bling

I found (SO EXCITED) the same kind of monogram as I used in the Candy Cane wreaths but an R at the thrift store, so I knew I wanted to incorporate it in this wreath. I simply painted it white and sprinkled some OLD SCHOOL Glitter (that’s important.. I hate the crappy cheap plastic-y glitter that is all too abundant at the dollar store), while the paint was still wet.

I also sprayed some adhesive to some white branches I already had and sprinkled glitter on it too. Just a little fun detail that adds some sparkle up top.

I always pick up little fake floral picks when I see them (the older the better.. love those mid-century plastic ones!)  This one was 25c and totally worth it for the little gold balls and pinecone.

I’m super pumped about this festive first-impression. Shut the front door!





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