Candy-Cane Wreaths

ccane into

I was sooooo excited when I found washi-tape at the local $store in my small town. I’ve been following the zillions of projects one could do on Pinterest, and bought every colour and pattern they had (yes, all 3 packages!) When I saw the red and white stripe, it screamed CANDYCANE at me, so I acquiesced!

I had two monogram wreaths that I wanted to make, but only one pool noodle, and one grape-vine wreath. I decided to do the candy cane theme for both. I got to wrapping yarn around the pool noodle. (That’s a tedious job.. meant for craft-circles where you’re concentrating more on the gossip than on the job at hand.)

ccane sups

After I had both forms ready, and the monogram letters prepped, I played with the placement of the candy canes, then added some pretty ribbon. I love how two canes became 1 heart. (Isn’t that a song?) I’m really super pleased with how these turned out. I hope their recipients will be equally as thrilled!

Here are some other projects I have been working on this week:

ccane morejpg

A joyful wreath. This one I actually made last year, but it needed a few little touch ups. I wrapped yarn around a pool noodle. Made a little “joy” bunting, out of felt circles, triangles and chip-board letters. I made a pretty poinsettia out of felt petals and yellow buttons. The petals I pinched and glued to make them stand out.

Washi-Tape Cards. I have a bunch of bosom buddies who celebrate in December. I had a great time using my new-found washi-tape and paint-chips to create lovely cards for them.


With report cards and a major grad-school project looming, I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting this month.. but you can be sure that I will continue to craft.. great way to procrastinate!



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