A Scotch (glass) & A Sweater Candle Holders


One chilly morning before school (my school, as in, as well as being a teacher, I’m doing grad work) my friend and I walked down for a cup of coffee and happened across a new little boutique filled with chic little doodads. I totally fell in love with these mercury glass votives that were covered in a band of knitted yarn, and finished with a twine bow. They retailed for about $12, and sold by Imbada.. I can’t find them online to show you, sorry! After class, I popped over to the BEST thrift store and loaded up my cart with 15 scotch glasses (49c/ea) and two sweaters ($3 and $4)… lucky for me, my husband also shrunk one of his sweaters this week, so I put it to good use too!

middle sweater

One sweater that I bought had these large horizontal stripes in beautifully rich fall colours. I was excited to make a grouping of these for my friend Teresa’s birthday present. I started out by cutting off the cuff (plus a little more) from the sleeve (burgundy). This proved to be the best cut, as the one edge was finished, and I could glue the other edge to the bottom of the glass! For the other colours, I continued to make cuts up the sleeve at each stripe ending. I experimented with various ways of finishing the “sweater” so that it wouldn’t unravel. I glued hems on both sides (fuschia), I glued a hem to the top of the glass, and glued the rest underneath (burnt orange). After I was happy with the sweater placement, I added a string of twine, and an interesting button. These look beeeeooootiful when they are all lit up. The light shines through the pattern of the wool and creates a warm glow.

sweater kid

They turned out so well, that I got cracking with the other two sweaters at my disposal. Of course, the kids found me in the end, and insisted on participating! They had a great time making 2 candle holders for their Granny. They used sparkly pipe cleaners and old brooches and clip-on earrings… even jingle bells to make them special. I did not let them use any glue, and it was a great independent project for them.

sweater final

I also got excited with the jewels and the pipe cleaners, and made a few other candle holders. I’m really pleased with the result, the time it took, and the price of the end product. I’m excited to give these as unique and personalized hostess gifts this year… You never know, one might be for YOU!




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