Pinwheel Halloween Wreath

cover pinwheel

I needed something on my door for Halloween, but didn’t want a traditional wreath. After completing my darling pinwheel ornament for my Halloween tree, I decided to keep going and make a collection of bigger (medium and small) pinwheels for my door. I started with some huge sheets of construction paper (12×18) and folded away for an hour or so! The largest pinwheels were made using 3-4 sheets of paper, folding the sort end in an accordion style. I also made some smaller pinwheels as I knew I wanted to layer them.

pinwheel 2

After I had decided on the right “look” I hot glue-gunned them all together. I used some scrapbooking paper and cut out 9 circles. On one circle I glued an image (from the graphics fairy) left over from my witchy board. On the other, I stamped “31” and mounted these on a pinwheel.

pinwheel3The other 7 circles I turned into a little bunting, using rubber stamps to spell out October. I used a bit of twine and more hot glue to attach the paper to it. I love the way the rubber stamps leave that shadow of ink. I could never stamp anything with out that happening, and now I’ve decided it adds character! hah!

I did have to attach a box top of cardboard to the back of the pinwheel collection to keep it sturdy. No one sees that part, so I don’t mind that it’s ugly!

While the October sun has faded my pinwheel wreath over the past week (I’ve been way to busy to blog!), I actually love the faded orange, and the faded black is now brown-ish. It looks all old and decrepit. I also love that this whole thing can be tossed in the recycling bin November 1st. I’m really struggling to find room to store all of my seasonal creations!

A last look:



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