Thanksgiving Turkey – kid craft!

A disclaimer: This may or not be a regular thing – where I post kid’s crafts – ie: for my kids, by my kids – but they were super eager to help me make an example for my class, that I thought, what the heck- let’s blog about it!


This Friday, I am having a Thanksgiving dinner in my classroom. (Yes, I am crazy… but it’s pot-luck, so I’m not THAT crazy). I like to eat family style, so the children sit at the table, and parents serve. Last year I made cute turkey place cards, (but I can’t remember what I did) so I came up with this little project for this year.

I am lucky at my school to have a dye cutter, so I started this process by cutting a gagillion feather shapes out of a bunch of different coloured construction paper. The other supplies you need are: paper plates (we have the super thin ones, at school which are GREAT for this) and toilet paper tubes (shout-out to all who responded to my Crafting SOS last night!).


My kids used a stapler to attach the toilet tube and plate. Then they started using a glue-stick to glue on the feathers. I love how Dav got so creative about his feather placement! Then I encouraged them to use the extra construction paper (we NEVER waste paper!!!!) to make other features.. like Cade’s waddle.


These little turkeys stand up just fine on their own. My class will add their name, and perhaps some real feathers, if I can find any in the art supply cupboard. Hope you have a wonderful looong Thanksgiving weekend!

Outtakes: You wouldn’t BELIEVE the number of photos I had to take before I could get one useable one for the title image!



Oh ya, and here are the boys’ Halloween-photo-shopped images:

Demon DavinCade Zombie


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