Halloween Tree


As I blogged about earlier this week, I decided to make myself a little Halloween Tree with the great branch that I found on my Sunday afternoon walk.

I had fun finding some different paper ornament ideas on Pinterest, and I will link to them all here.


The quilled pumpkins were super easy, I would just recommend either glue-gunning the paper together, or using clips to hold it as the glue dries.

I love these bats, from Rachael Ray which I sewed together. They had the instructions on where to fold them, so they look 3D.

I used up some ancient scrapbooking paper on these beautiful pleated leaves. I shrunk the template to about 25%.

I was inspired by these fabulous pinwheel-medallions by Starshine Chic. I made a ton of these kinds of decorations for one of my Christmas trees last year, and I had forgotten how beautiful and simple they can be. My witch silhouette is pretty basic, with a hint of glitter, but I love her just the same!

My friend, Brittney suggested that I could have made kleenex ghosts to add too, like her kindergarten class made. Thanks for the great idea, Brit, but I just didn’t have any more free branches!


I’m now feeling so inspired by the medallion, that I’m working on some bigger layered ones for my front door. Stay tuned!




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