Bringing the Outdoors In.

We’ve been having some super intense weather, here on the wild wet (west) coast.

Yesterday, there was a slight break in the afternoon, and I seized the opportunity to take the kids away from their wii and out into the great outdoors.


I’m so blessed to live in a great place in the world, and in a wonderful neighbourhood. Behind my backyard is a creek and a forest with a walking trail, and this is where we headed to, as my Nana used to say, “blow the stink off ya.” I was on the hunt for some creepy branches to add to my Halloween mantel-scape, which is still a witchy-work-in-progress. I love the way the moss hangs off the trees, and the lichen gives a spooky element to the branches. Isn’t my garden hedgehog adorable?

backk 2

back duo

Whilst out on our walk, I also cut a fabulous branch that I’m turning into a Halloween tree. I bought this amazing milk glass vase ages ago (for $4! omg, WAY too much!) and I’ve been waiting for the perfect use – and I think this is it! I put a bunch of river rocks inside, to stabilize it, and hold the branch straight.


I also cut a bunch of rose-hips, that I thought were a great shade of orange. I lay them on the branches, adding little pops of colour. I’m making paper decorations to go on it. Including: quilled pumpkinsfolded paper leaves, and potentially this pac-man and ghost garland (although, I’m also debating this for below the mantel, and I’m going to change up the colours.)


I’m on the hunt for some more paper ornaments for my tree. Let me know if you’ve got any great ideas!



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