Birthday Cake Bunting

Here’s a quick and easy way to snazz-up a birthday cake.

cake 1I’d seen a ton of these buntings all over pinterest, etc, and thought I’d give it a go myself. I love the idea behind it, as you can adapt it to ANY colour scheme, theme, or occasion! My friend, Tammy, got inspired when she saw mine, and completed one for her son with a silver flaming arc above the words. Cool!

cake 2

The most time-consuming part was stringing the triangle flags together. While I used a needle and thread, my friend, Krista pointed out that I could have just glued the letters. huh. yup. But not as authentic, right?!


Notice how I used the scissors to create a little notch in the skewer. I didn’t want the thread to fall down.

Want the recipe for this delicious upside down pear cake? Here it is. I’ve made this three times already this season with pears off my tree. Brittney got the last of them! Enjoy!


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