Witch Board

frames 5Whilst out garage-sale-ing yesterday, I came across these awesome vintage brass picture frames (made in Italy!) I sifted through the box and found six different ones, all different sizes and KNEW I had the start of the perfect Halloween display. Also loved the price (by donation.. I gave them $3).

Tonight the Coven of Crafty Ladies is meeting, and I had the idea of doing something with silhouettes. My pinterest board was being filled up this week with silhouette ideas. I particularly liked the one by Number Fifty-Three who backed the silhouette onto a book page, in a white frame. However, I was so pumped about these frames, that I finished the project last night. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll come up with some other bewitching idea before 7 pm!

frame 1

After I took out the pictures from the frames, (no easy task.. there was plywood on the back that had expanded with the years!) I took them outside and sprayed them white. Then I went to good old Graphics Fairy and started searching for Vintage Halloween Clip-Art.

SpiderVintage-GraphicsFairyWhile I had intended to make these into silhouettes, I love all of the vintage zoological black and white prints that she has, that I just decided to go for it, and use them as is. I decided, after an HOUR of scrolling through, to stick to just animal prints.. although there was this fantastic bat lady I’m going to have to use for something else! batladyb

Oh, and I used a great chalkboard print that I found for the largest frame, I thought it was kind of like an incantation or a spell, which, when centered kind of brings it all together.

After printing the images, I spent a whole Scott & Bailey cutting. I actually love cutting.. it’s why I became a primary school teacher.


It ended up working out using the vintage images as is, rather than as silhouettes, especially as, when mounted (ie: glue stick-ed) onto the dictionary pages, they just look like prints from an old encyclopedia. (Yes, I am super anal and did mount them to the correct pages.. ie: Moth is on the Moth page, near the Moth definition.)

frame 4

Meanwhile, I was a little concerned about how I was going to display these fabulous frames. I poked around my big vintage frame collection (as in large frames, not a large quantity) and came across an old cork board. This has had umpteen million reincarnations (including the CHeopardy board for my CH party), but for this project, I decided to paint it with a grey latex paint that I had found in the

mistint section at Walmart. I actually really love how this turned out – because of the cork texture, it looks like cement.

After everything had dried, and all of the pictures were framed back up, I used T-pins (like from men’s shirts) to hang the frames onto the cork board.

frame 3

I embellished the frame with a spider web (from my Halloween box) and used some black netting along the base on the mantel. While this isn’t going upstairs on my living room mantel until AFTER thanksgiving. It looks good on my downstairs mantel for the time being.

Because I wanted an excuse to buy these birds from the $store, I decided I needed just a few more details. I added a hurricane candle holder to either side, and the wicked raven and owl!

frame 6

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little project. I had a blast making it! (and playing around with the photo editor!) Here’s one last look. Have a Spook-tacular Night!

frames 2


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