Fall Mantel & Glass Pumpkin


There’s been a fall-flu hitting my crafty lady circle: it’s called Mantel-itis. And when my friend Krista posted her “symptoms” over at the Happy Housie, I knew that it would only be a matter of time that I came down with it too!

This mantel project actually started with another pinspiration (I think I should copyright that term!): this fabulous mercury glass pumpkin project over at Thistlewood farms. I had been eying up a glass pumpkin at my local thrift store for a couple of weeks, but could not justify the $4 asking price without having the perfect plan in mind. When I saw this pin, I thought it would be perfect to try!

Here’s how I made it:

pumpkin 3jpg

I love love love the way that this turned out. I didn’t have the looking glass paint, and as my union was on the precipice of a strike vote, I couldn’t justify the purchase.. so I just made due with some soft glittery gold spray, and it worked like a charm.

After it had dried (mostly) I went upstairs and started editing my current mantel, and taking stock of my Thanksgiving decorations. I was determined to make use of what I had, and not purchase anything else! It was time to give some items away, take some to school, and I even trashed a few.

I had fun creating various Harvest-scapes and took way too many pictures.. but here are two variations.. you can play spot the differences with the two right hand pictures below!!

pumpkin 4All in all, this was a very productive hour, and I love the <$5 cost!

pumpkin2Beware of mantelitis… it may strike your home next!



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