Decorated Dishes

I’ve been totally jonesing for some new dishes and had a trip all prepared for Ikea this week. However, the workers are on strike.. and as I might also be on strike this fall, I couldn’t in good conscience cross the picket line. So I decided to fancy-up my plain boring dishes.


I had actually been planning on doing this to some mugs for a while. At the end of June, I had been given a mug from Starbucks that came with a ceramic pen that the kids used to sign the mug. The awesome thing about this pen, was that there was black ink and white ink. I picked up some plain white mugs for 10c at a yard sale a few weeks ago, and gave it a go last night. But I’m super pumped to try the white ink on dark matte dishes.


I made “yours and mine” mugs, did both sides (with the way we like our tea and coffee!) and the inside. Actually, this would have made a cute anniversary gift. hmmm!

I had so much fun doing up these mugs, that I decided to keep going and do some bowls! I had fun playing around with fonts and designs. I decided to name each one a different language.. so far only four. (I didn’t want to go too crazy with all of the dishes in case my hubby hated it, or I got really sick of them!)

mug3I baked the dishes at 450F for 20 minutes, as the pen directed. Love them! Tonight’s activity: plates and dessert plates! Fun!!!



4 thoughts on “Decorated Dishes

  1. Where can you buy the pen?
    And I have to add – you are a much braver woman than I, for I would never drink from a mug purchased at a yard sale.

    • You will never eat at my house (or sit down) if THAT’s the way you feel! haha!
      I used a pen that was part of a kit at Starbucks.. but most craft stores sell ceramic paint.. there’s got to be it in pen format!

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