I LOVE a good party.. I love to plan them, to attend them, the eating, the drinking and the game-playing! To fete one last time this summer, and by request of my girl-friends, I decided to have a CH party!

PicMonkey Collage ch1

The origin of the CH party actually comes from my Aunt who lives in California. Upon remarking one day, that all good things in life start with CH ~ CHocolate, CHeese CHampagne, she decided to throw a CH pot-luck where guests brought an item starting with CH. I loved this idea as a kid, and always wanted to have one, so last year I decided to go for it! It was a major success, and the gals expected a repeat this year.

I didn’t make any pretty invitations, as I see most of these girls super often, and since the advent of Facebook, paper invitations sometimes seem superfluous. However, I do enjoy them, so perhaps next year I’ll whip some up. Today, I’m here to share the party games with you as well as the sweet little favour boxes that each guest went home with.


ch gamesPicMonkey CollageI came up with 4 games: CHeopardy, CHattegories, CHalderdash and of course, CHarades, and my friend, Courts also sent me a Food and Drink CH Trivia game that she made up. You’ll be happy to note that I’m providing all of my pdfs here! For the CHeopardy CHallenge, I cut and pasted it all of the clues onto a cork board, so that friends could see all of the values. We played it exactly like the tv game show, and I even sung the theme song for the Final CHeopardy!

CHeopardy cheopardy2 Cheopardy1

CHattegories, CHarades  & CHalderdash Chattergories & Chalderdash

CH Trivia – Food and Drinks CH Food and Drink Trivia


PicMonkey Collage ch prize

Of course, you can have games without prizes, especially with my group of gals! Initially I was going to wrap up used CHapter books, but then I realised that wouldn’t be much of a prize if you had already read it! So I had a CHapter book exchange basket, where people could pick and CHoose and made CHampion CHewing Gum, wrapped in CHeetah print paper, instead. It was a hit! Here’s the PDF for the labels: chewing gum


PicMonkey Collage CH favourI had picked up these sweet little favour boxes at Michaels, and then had to figure out how to fill them! I knew I wanted CHocolates included, and something to do with words. I decided to make the magnets that I made for my parent volunteers in June, but use CH words instead of “thank you” words. I actually bought a dictionary to cut up (cheaper than photocopying, as I would have wasted too many pages) and had a blast modpodging away. I was excited to find a package of “Merci” CHocolates at Walmart earlier this week, as that’s the sentiment I wanted to share. I packaged them all up, placed them in a basket by the exit and printed “please CHoose a favour.”

This party was a great success, and I’m already looking forward to the third annual, next year. If you’re looking for some pot-luck suggestions, here’s a list of what my friends brought:

CHorizo CHili, baked CHeese with CHerry preserves, CHutney and CHeddar, CHarcuterie, fresh CHerries, CHeddar and CHipoltle seasoned popcorn, CHips, Hawkins CHeezies,  CHeese dip, CHocolate CHeese cake, CHocolate bars galore – including a CHili pepper CHocolate bar, roasted and seasoned CHickpeas, CHi-CHis (blended drink), CHardonary and(CHeap) CHampagne

Oh, and I also got some theme-appropriate hostess gifts: a CHili pepper plant, CHai tea, CHardonnay, CHocoate covered CHerries, CHapagne!

PS: Auntie Gail, we are coming for CHristmas.. and I’m bringing all my games with me! Should be a rolicking CHood time!



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