Fall-ing for my Autumn Decor

fall 3

I have this sweet owl bunting that I picked up a few years ago from Extra Foods that I love to hang around Labour Day. It’s made from tweed and felt and spells out “Autumn”. I thought it would be the perfect starting point for some fall decor in my entry way.

fall1PicMonkey Collage

Last years, I deconstructed, and re-made this adorable owl wreath. Initially it was just the owl on a grape-vine wreath (also purchased from Extra Foods). Boring! Last year, I decided to add my own touches, and spelled out “Whoo is ready for school?” in scrabble tiles on a shoe lace. I also added a fresh new pencil on the right to balance it out. I love this wreath!

I decided this year to add some new pillows to tie in with the suit/tweed fabric of the wreath and bunting. What with my success, lately, of 3/$1 thrift-store finds, I tried my luck, once again, at the Sally Ann. It just happened to be “yellow tag day” and I got 2 men’s suit jackets, and a sweet little top for myself for $1. (yes, ONE DOLLAR)

Making these pillows was slightly painful. I went at the suits, hacking away, so I ended up with not very straight edges and a mess of a project. I was tearing my hair out, trying to figure out how to use the jackets, without wrecking the integrity of the initial shape, and yet maximizing the fabric. I decided to use the suit jacket lining as the back of the pillow-case and the front as the front. This way, when I cut the suit, there was an almost instant pocket to slide my pillow form into.

fall 2I was having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to sew the final seam shut. I couldn’t do it envelope style, as I have in the past, because I didn’t have enough fabric to fold over. I was getting more and more annoyed. I was glue gunning another project when I just grabbed the pillows and started gluing the seam closed!

Guess what? It worked, and as the fabric was purchased for a song, I don’t really care if I have to cut it to get the forms out for my Spring/Summer decor! It was fast and easy. I even used some of the extra buttons from the sleeves to add a little “je ne sais quoi” to the top seams.

I’m happy with my look – even my new pet hedgehog Georgette approves!fallaThanks for stopping by!



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