Fishing for Fun

Pêche pour la plaisir:

Drama-based Games for Filling Five Minutes


In my ‘regular’ life, (apart from my fairy crafting life, I mean), I am a French Immersion teacher. That means that a lot of time is spent translating cool Pinterest ideas into French. Here’s one that I’ve come up with for the French Summer Camp I’m running starting tomorrow (!) and I’ll bring it to class after. Now, I cannot take all the credit for this, I found this idea somewhere.. and I’m sorry, I can’t find the original source.

Start with a Fish Bowl. Clean it up and adhere a funky title, in English, French, or whatever! This was my first time using a spray adhesive before modpodging (trying to avoid those bubbles) so it went on kind of cock-eyed! oops!

Then I went and found a gagillion different websites and copied and pasted mostly drama games, and added a French title. Yes, I am nice enough to provide you with this PDF!!  drama games explained (NB: at the end of the final page, is the Title I used on my fish bowl). All the fonts are based on those nautical ones from my birthday reminder!

Then I found this great template and cut and paste just the titles into each fish. Here’s the PDF for the outlines and titles. drama games fishThe thought here, is that the kids will take turns “fishing” for a game, and if I can’t remember it (or if there is a substitute teacher or something,) then I can refer to the cheat sheet of the games explained!

fish 1PicMonkey CollageAfter hours of cutting, I’m done! Looking forward to seeing this in action soon!



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