A Gaggle of Giggling Golfers


Last night my friends and I joined in a rolicking golf tournament. We had a blast.. erm.. golfing… and we looked great doing it!

Of course, I’m always one for a theme.. and two years ago I came up with the Lacey Lassies. (A lingerie shop hosts this tournament.) We all wore slips, and I iron transferred our team name that I printed in a “lacey” script. I also had bought a pile of lace lengths, that I made into “accessories” like headbands, belts, bracelets and scarves! Too fun!


This year my husband came up with “Driving Miss Daisies” (“Sexy Mutha Putters” was a close second!) and so I hit the Sally Ann to find us some green tees. While some of the girls were over for the Pretty Pink Pony Party, they got right to writing on their tees. We wrote “Driving Miss” on the front, and then our aliases on the back: Cordelia, Ethel, Mildred, Stella and Tilly!

My plan was originally to make pins with the longer felted daisies (that I picked up from the dollar store) but due to the placement, decided to just glue-gun those suckers on! I then glue-gunned the silk flower daisies to a felt disc, with a bobby-pin in between to put in our hair. Finally, I decided to add these little paper daisy stickers on all of the “i” dots on the front, and at least one on the back.


I had a great time making these, they were quick, fast and cheap: max 45 minutes and about $10 for the 5 costumes. I think this would work also for any kind of girls team where golfing may be an activity: stagette, divorcée get-away, work tournament, etc! Hope you’re having some fun this summer too!Image



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