Upcycled pillow-cases to tablecloth

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This is the post about my Pretty Pink Pony Party.. and the decor that I made to go with it!

This story starts a few months ago while garage saling, I found two beautiful (almost new) puzzles, perfect for some little girls.

Because I don’t have any girls of my own (other than my chickens), I decided to celebrate my five wonderful “nieces” who call me Auntie Meggie and host a “Pretty Pink Pony (Tea) Party” for these girls and my besties (their moms!)


I had a ton of fun coming up with the activities (hoof painting – aka manicures, colouring my-little-pony pages, beading necklaces with pony beads), as well as the food (rainbow cupcakes, pink punch in mason jars, and horse-friendly food, like apples and carrots!)

pony2I had been thrifting with this party in mind as well, and found some great table-top accessories: book ends that I sprayed white and a carousel music box that was part of the center-piece.

I had decided to make some bunting to hang around the balcony and whilst at the Sally Ann, I saw these amazing vintage pillow-cases. I love the flowers and the way the colours go together! The yellow rose one is the same pattern as my aunt used to have on the bed I slept on at my Nana’s house. (Actually, it could be the actual one, come to think of it!)

Making the tablecloth

pony3Source some awesome pillowcases. This 54″ tablecloth used 4 standard sized pc.

Lay out the pc – pay attention to details such as the pattern and any trim

Cut and rip seams accordingly.

Stitch it all together.

I had this sweet trim in my ribbon box that was long enough to go all the way around.

Bunting (of course!)

What party/event/room is complete without some awesome bunting?!

pony4Here’s a trick to sourcing the fabric. Go to your fave thrift store and figure out the “deal” of the day. For example, when I went, it was 3 “blue tags” for $1. Walk all over the store with your colour scheme in mind and pick up items of clothing that work. This bunting was made from baby’s leggings, a man’s tshirt, a women’s button-down shirt, kid’s pjs and a golf shirt, that I think belonged to my nana! This bunting cost under $5!!

I lovIMG_1822e parties, and my next one I’m totally cheered about… that reference will become obvious once you read that upcoming post!


Hope you’ve had a great summer, and have attended some fabulous parties.. pink or otherwise!




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