Nautical Birthday Reminder


With my new and improved Lady Lair, I needed to change up my old Owl “Whoooose Birthday is it?” birthday reminder, with something more suited to the colour-scheme and theme.

I had spotted this little b-day reminder on pinterest a couple of weeks ago, and whilst thrifting had my eye out for a plaque that might work for something similar.

bday2PicMonkey CollageI decided to paint the plaque the same colour as my wall, and then added a cool old ship graphic from The Graphic Fairy. I then found some great fonts, downloaded them all and played around with the lettering. Here’s my Anchors Away Birthday PDF, if you want to use it 🙂 Add some twine as a “rope” boarder.bday3For the birthdays, I used a Gartner Studios scalloped label tags that I picked up in the clearance section of Staples, then printed off my friends and family’s names and birthdays using their plume template. To be honest, you could use this template and print it onto cardstock and cut it out yourself!  I used two cup-hooks to hold them all.

My issues (and how to avoid them)

1) I had about a 1/2 inch left in my modpodge container, and so I didn’t have quite enough, was rushed and got some bubbles. ARGH! I really need to bring home some contact cement to first afix the paper, and then seal with modpodge.

2) I was rushing to finish this, and didn’t punch holes in the same place for every name/date tag.

3) I would have liked to have had only one cup-hook with them all but they wouldn’t all fit. Yes, I’m just so popular.. or should I say generous! hahah! I could string each tag (like Mallory and Savannah did) but that seemed like an unnecessary step at the time. Hmm.. I may change this though.

Ahh, well, me hearties…

sailor quote




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