Upcycled Doily Window Mirror

mirror 2I LOVE Saturdays.. for lots of reasons, but on a lucky Saturday, I find treasures at G-sales with my boys, and I get to spend the afternoon using my Craft Fairy magic to transform them into crafty gems! This summer I’ve had lots of opportunity to hit the thrift store circuit, too, so I started to keep a little list of things I’m looking for. Today, I managed to cross off a few things, and found a few more treasures!


My project for today was to transform this amazing window-framed mirror that I scored for $3.


At first, I was thinking of just painting the frame.. turquoise or red, or white, so I carefully taped the edges of the mirrors.

mirror 1Then I saw the doilies, (which still weren’t put away!) I love the look of a white stenciled doily on wood. I used a foam brush and smushed craft paint through the holes. I wanted to try it this way, as I suck at spray-painting.

Guess what? I suck at stenciling even more!

mirror 3Thankfully, all can be reversed with a little water and a rag. I removed the craft paint, and started on another corner, carefully taping and papering, prepping to spraypaint. Unfortunately, as is ALWAYS the case, I got impatient, and decided, meh, good enough! I got quite a bit of paint on the mirror (and the grass, and my hands).

Again, no problemmo – I was able to wipe most of the wet paint off with a wet rag right away, and what I didn’t get off then, I scraped off with a special Norwex glass shammy.

I finished by distressing the paint a little with some sand paper (also useful, as it hides my uneven spraypainting job!

mirror 5I walked around the house with it, deciding on its new home, and ended up back in the foyer. How many times has this blue chair been photographed?! I love all the light in the entry, and the continuity of the doily wreath on the door, then the doily mirror-“window” in the foyer.

Have a doilierific day!



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