French Country Lace Doily Wreath


Immediately after I finished posting about my French Milk Canister, I decided I HAD to change up the wreath – nautical was not cutting it!

I had already bought this immensly ugly pool noodle from Walmart that I was planning on covering in red and white wool – to create, yes, yet another nautical-themed wreath (with a net and shells.. it was going to be GRAND!) however, my eye fell upon this little wooden sign that I saved from my friend Courtenay’s front yard, that I’ve been wanting to use for ages. It was partially hidden under a heap of lace doilies that have been sitting in my crafting bin, and my friend Naomi’s (alternating) as we couldn’t figure out what amazing project to make with them!

I was feeling like I was on a roll, so I just went for it!

The How-To:

1) Form your pool noodle into a circle (you may have to trim off the end to get the appropriate size– this is good and that part will not be wasted!) Tape it together with packing tape.

2) Start wrapping your pool noodle with doilies. I used straight pins to attach them to the pool noodle. At first, I was trying to avoid cutting and gluing the doilies, as the are kinda sorta antiques from my husband’s mother’s mother… but it became inevitable to trim them to make them fit.

Doily how to 1

3) I used pieces of the left-over noodle to create a support for the “flower” doily that would sit on top of the other ones. I also used straight pins to attach the doily to the foam, and the foam pieces to the main wreath frame. (clever, huh?!)

Doily How to 2

4) I took a piece of lace — I collect them in multiple colours – great for wrapping gifts! and tied it around the top of the wreath and added a bow.

5) Above where I work, I have cabinets, and I love hanging my wreath-in-progress up on one of the knobs to see how it will hang on the door. This is an important step, as often you think things have held and are fine and dandy as you work on a surface, but when you hang it, it’s another story. I continued to use straight pins to tuck in doily hems.

Doily how to 3

6) After I hung the wreath on the door, I took some fishing line and strung up the little wooden sign, and hung it from the same hanger. When you look at it, it appears to be altogether. This is a little trick that I use often, especially if it’s something heavy that would not attach easily to the main wreath frame.

doily 2 ways

Et Voilà!

My French country front door is complete.

lace doily final

À bientôt!



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