Chic Milk Canister

Earlier this year, I found this amazing rusted old milk canister at a G-sale that I HAD TO HAVE. I think I paid under $10 for it. Then, I found this second milk canister, which I also HAD TO HAVE, even though it’s have the size and I paid almost double the price. Finally, my collection is complete (?) with this third canister that I got for $4 last week.


But ooohhh Nelly, it’s ugly!

So I decided to chic it up a little, thanks to my some spray paint, some modpodge and a graphic from The Graphics Fairy.

The process was super simple.. spray it up with some Krylon primer+paint flat white (Wal-mart for under $7). I decided to keep the gold top and gold rim at the bottom.. for now.

Zhuzh-up (yes, that’s a made-up word) the printable (Wreath-Crown-Graphic) from the “French Typography” collection at the Graphic Fairy. I just dragged it into a word file, then added a text-box. I played around with the fonts I had, and decided to use 2 (Ornamental Versals and Fontleroy Brown). Then I printed it on plain old white paper, trimmed and modpodged it on.  BTW: milkcanister – here’s the link to my finished PDF 🙂

When I went outside to photograph my lovely product, I noticed that it wasn’t quite dry, and also quite bubbly. I thought that I could fix it by smoothing it out, just a tad… and then the ink from my printer started to run.. ARGH!

milk up and down

RE-DO! Repeat as above, but ensure that all bubbles are smoothed out while modpodge is still wet.

milk intro

Yes, the wreath is too nautical for this scene.. (here’s the tutorial) but that’s ok – it will soon be moved to the new nautical laundry-lady-lair room. I will work on a replacement asap!

PS: A Shout-out to my new French Grad-School cohort.. hope you’re having a great summer! See you in August!



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