Desk re-organize-o-rama

wuh final

One of the jobs I wanted to do this summer holidays was to re-organise all of the art supplies we have for the boys. It was driving me crazy to find all sorts of dried up felts all over the floor (of multiple rooms!) Furthermore, the desks that I had purchased from Ikea lived up to their cheap price, and ONE of them was falling apart. (To be fair, it never really got put together properly.. the holes – screws never quite lined up.) I had been on the hunt while garage saling, for a new (skinny-ish) desk for Cade. I found this solid 60s number and talked them down to $10. SOLD!

wuh 1

I decided to paint it up using some milk-paint (a box =$4 at a garage sale – it is the tulip brand, now discontinued.) I wanted to just do the drawer fronts to tie into my retro (authentically rouge) dresser that’s in this room. This turned out to be way more work than I thought as the finish (laminate) for the most part would not allow for the milk paint to adhere. However, I persevered, and after many minutes of sanding, various coats, I was happy enough and sealed it with some minwax. Techniques all similar to my dresser project.

After I got that in place, I decided to dismantle the art station we had always had in the kitchen, and use the two desks in each of the boys rooms. Thankfully my mom was on hand to do the tedious task of checking for dead felts (and she took on sharpening all of the pencils and pencil crayons! Go mom!) She honestly loves this job! And she kept the boys busy helping her while I started project #2.

wuh sort

Tin-Can Desk Organizer

wuh before after

I remember making a pencil-holder for my dad, one father’s day – I must have been in kindergarten or grade 1. I used a can and mod-podged multiple layers of tools cut from a Sears catalogue. He used to keep it on his work-bench. I was channeling this project, I think, when I headed into my garage to pick through the recycling looking for tins. (Luckily I had just made chili and bean soup that week!)

Because we have a weird can-opener that cuts off the top rim of the can, I knew I needed to protect my kids fingers by somehow covering this. I decided to use some fabric,  (linen-look) also used here, to cover the top rim, and add some visual interest to the can.

wuh how-to

To further protect against cuts, I applied hot-glue to the top rim of each can, this also helped adhere the fabric.

I finished it up with some twine, from this project to hide the uneven fabric edge to add textural detail to the can.

Obviously, these cans are multipurpose:

wuh davi

But I think they look great in the little recessed shelf in the desk – and look at all the money I saved using recycled scraps!

PS: Please note the two MONSTER CHAIRS are made by local leather artisan, Jason Petrone at Red Star Repairs.



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