Knot-i-cal Wreath


I have been waffling on what to make for a summer wreath for a couple of weeks. I’ve been really into the nautical theme for home decorating, lately, (come, follow my Pinterest board!) and so I was feeling something “naughty.” But when the wicked wind of the West Coast blew down my Bird-Friendly May wreath, I felt like I needed to make a decision and finally choose something!

I was determined to have an anchor on this wreath, and spent a few days looking at all the regular (thrifty) haunts for something that might work. Finally, it was when I was purchasing my pool noodle for the base of the wreath, at the dollar store, that I decided I could make my own with some glittery card-stock and a clip-art image to trace.

I had planned on using some different coloured yarn (white and navy, of course) or twine to wrap the pool noodle, but on my way out of the store, I saw these great scarves. One of them was slightly damaged, so I got it on sale. All of my purchases for this project cost me $5.05 (incl. tax!)


How to:

I started by taping the two ends of the pool noodle together, (packing tape, my bff).

Then wrapping the wreath with the scarf. The fabric was too bulky, so I decided to cut the scarf length-wise so that it would be narrower. I secured it with a glue gun.. be careful, though, as the glue will melt the noodle!

I cut out my anchor from the cardstock, and wrapped some twine (left over from another wreath project) to create a 3D effect. I attached it, too, with the glue gun.


This wreath was cool, but needed some more details. Luckily, I had lots of left-over materials, so it was just a matter of deciding what to add. The clipart that I had chosen to trace had a rope at the top of the anchor, and bubbles around it. So I decided to cut some bubbles from the card stock.

Then I felt like it needed something on the right-hand side, so I started playing around with the twine. What about knots! I texted my friend Krista, to ask her opinion, and she texted back the title of this post. I love puns! Perfect!

With the left-over half scarf, I tied a knot, and used a straight pin to attach it at the bottom.


Anchor’s Away!




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