Ten Tins I Love About You!

or: Three Ten-Year Anniversary Giftsspoons 1

This weekend Mr. Craft-Fairy and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary (and 17 years together!)


#1 and #2:

The “traditional” gift for a 10th anniversary is TIN.. I was already on a roll with making little tins, so I decided to do them for the Mr. as well. In each tin, I placed chocolate kisses, a magnet with a little drawing representing something I love about him, and then a little slip of paper explaining the image. I actually couldn’t decide on just 10, so I made 11!

spoons 2

Then I also bought (borrowed, as the $store was sold-out!) a galvanized tin and placed in it a bottle of champagne (perfect, with the foil top!) and some munchies for our little get-away. I wrapped it up in a beautiful damask print cellophane.


When I was originally trolling the internet (Pinterest, specifically!) I found this DARLING little spoon art, and knew I wanted to try it. I subsequently found this one too.

At first I started hunting for cool silver spoons and frames to use at the various thrift stores and garage sales. Once I found one, I took it to the local engraving shop to inquire about engraving (as, unfortunately, I don’t have any silversmithing tools). The friendly folks at Ladybird, nearby, said that their laser engraving is best done on stainless steel, as the quantity of silver in silver spoons can vary, depending on their date and location of manufacture. I was stumped for a few days, but then happened across some stainless steel spoons at the dollar store, that would work perfectly! Then I found a sweet small square frame.

spoons 3

I used a piece of “greige” linen that I had from a previous project, ironed it and covered the glass, using packing tape to secure it. After I got the spoons and plaque back, it was only a matter of securing them to the fabric. I used the mounting tape that they provided, and so far it’s sticking well.

spoons 4

Then I wrapped it up in tin-foil (duh!) and added it to projects #1 and #2.

We had a wonderful weekend away, and the Mr. really enjoyed all the gifts that I put together!

spoons 6

The spoons are now hanging in our dining room – where I realised, I have 2 other “spoon” themed art pieces – I guess this is a theme! I also found a fabulous use for the silver tray.

spoons 5

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