Volunteer Apprecia-TINs

The crafty-blog world has exploded with “Teacher Thank You” crafts/gift ideas, but I thought I’d do a little spin on this theme and show you the parent appreciation gifts I’m handing out this year. As any teacher knows, it’s impossible to run a successful program without parent support: supervising, baking, sewing, filing, stapling, cutting, reading, driving, shopping — these are all jobs that my class parents do and I REALLY appreciate them!


Magnet Supplies:

squashed glass marbles, dictionary pages, magnets, modpodge and hot-glue

A few of the teachers who I craft with were way ahead of the game, and had already decided to make little glass magnets for their volunteers. I thought that this was a great idea.. it’s functional, fast, frugal and I could make it FRENCH (très important as I teach French Immersion)! I photocopied some French dictionary entries: merci and appréciation (which had some other marvelous words in the entry’s definition, such as “professeur” and “merveille”!)


I got out the ol’ modpodge and started gluing the entry to the flattened glass marble, with a layer of MP on the back as well, to seal it. After it dried, I hot-glue-gunned a magnet to the back. Easy Peasy!

As we all know, however, the effect of the small gift is in its presentation – the WOW – factor. I found at the bottom of my craft supplies a package of small favour tins. This particular brand is Gartner, and I got them on clearance at Staples ages ago. Now the best part about this package, is that it had the paper bands to label the tins, as well as pre-cut organza ribbon and strips of two-sided tape. However, if you didn’t have this pre-packaged kit, you could find all of these supplies at the dollar store.

Tin Supplies:

tins, magnets, candy, organza ribbon, labels, two-sided tape

I filled the tin with some candy and placed the magnet on top.


Then I put a strip of two-sided tape on the top of the tin lid. I wrapped the ribbon around the top, under in an x and then before tying a bow, I placed the lid on the tin. Then I pulled it tight and tied the bow on top. It took me a few tries to figure this out, as the lip of the lid impedes a perfect seal if you tie your bow before securing the lid!


I just happened to find this fabulous silver tray at a g-sale this weekend. It will make a perfect serving surface as I present these gifts to my students’ parents tomorrow!




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