Two Pillow Tutorials

Or: the Summer Foyer Update.

The other day I bought some outdoor throw pillows for my front patio, and when I brought them home, they stayed on my pew for a few days. I really liked the look of the pillows there, and decided to start gathering forms and fabric to make some. After a week of hunting around, I had gathered 4 pillow forms, a twin flat sheet, an remnant bit of fabric from hemmed curtains and an old, half-cut up camisole. From this, I created 4 pillows and 2 buntings to finish off my Summer Foyer look.

Foyer 1

When I make throw pillow forms, I often try and make an “envelope” to wrap the pillow. This way, as my tastes change, I can easily remove the case. Also, with two boys, more often than not, I’m removing it to wash!

Now, my BCFF (best crafting friend forever), Krista, has a GREAT tutorial on how to make these. I totally forgo the ironing step, and I don’t really measure.. I just “go for it” with my sewing machine (especially with this geometric pattern.. I just follow the stripes!) However, I will give you …the Fast -and- Furious Fairy version of this DIY project!

Envelope Pillow Case

foyer 2

  1. Lay out your fabric, and measure against your form (ensure an extra 1/4 of the length to create the envelope).
  2. Snip & Rip to cut out your rectangle (note: this really only works with cotton-y fabrics!). As I used a sheet with two pre-finished edges, this left me with only 2 unfinished edges.
  3. Make a fold, then fold again and sew to create a hem on one short end (remember, the other end is finished)
  4. Fold the whole rectangle twice, (right-sides together) coming up 3/4 and then coming down 2/4 (so you have about 1/4 of the overall length that overlaps.
  5. Sew two seams down the (long) sides.
  6. Unfold, and tuck in your form. DONE!

The second pillow project I did was to take a camisole and cover a pillow with it. Note: the pillow form was already a pretty pale blue that picked up on some of the blue in the cami.

Fairy Camisole Pillow Up-date

Foyer 4

  1. Put the cami on the pillow form. (optional: remove straps)
  2. I sewed the tops of the bust to the corners of the pillow.
  3. Flip it over, and adjust the back.. I sewed little pleats to make it straight and not gapey.
  4. At the bottom of the cami, I trimmed it so it was about 3″ from the bottom of the pillow. Then I made a few little snips up the back and the front.
  5. Then using these tabs, I tied them together, closing up the bottom of the cami, so the pillow form didn’t show through.

foyer 8

I had a bit of left over fabric, from each project, and decided I HAD to update the bunting from Easter (remember?).

Non-Brainer Bunting

foyer 3

  1. If you want to, make a template of the shape you want (I skip this step).
  2. Cut a bunch of ___(I did inverted triangles)
  3. Source a ribbon – I used the straps from the cami above, and then a hilarious verigated lace that I found in a random bag of lace from an old g-sale score.
  4. Sew triangles to ribbon. Hang and admire!

Foyer 7

I’m so happy with the the update to the foyer. It’s bright and comfy. I also love to honour my favourite piece in the whole room.. my pew that came from a church in the Valley. These pillows just set it off perfectly.



One thought on “Two Pillow Tutorials

  1. Looks awesome Megan! Hilarious using a cami…. so creative and dare I say frugal. Great job on the summery foyer update! I want to do some of these one piece envelope pillows next… tried it recently with a peva table cloth – so easy!!

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