My Wrapping Station

One of my favourite things about my lady-lair is my fabulous wrapping station.

wrap 6

I re-used an old computer desk from Ikea, and it’s perfect for storing my ribbon, bags, boxes, etc! I have smaller clear shoe-boxes inside for organising the ribbon, the bags are organised on the two lover shelves (top shelf for birthdays, etc., the bottom for Christmas.) The tissue paper is kept in the old key-board sliding thin drawer in the middle. The larger wrapping paper is tucked into an official “wrapping paper holder” (rubbermaid style) that sits beside the station, and then my cards are organized in a box on top.

Wrap 1

At the beginning of each month, I consult my home-made “event” calendar. Here I have every birthday (friends and family), “holiday” (St-Valentine’s Mother’s Day, etc) and our anniversary. Basically, I’m trying to anticipate as many gifts & cards as I can. Of course, there are always kids birthdays that come up, but at least I can get on top of the ones I know about!

I made this “calendar” with a piece of scrap-booking paper and a picture frame. I organised the events onto cards – 2 months per card, and then have little scrap-book corners to hold the cards as I switch them out. The extra cards are simply on the back of the larger scrap-booking paper.

wrapping 2

I LOVE wrapping gifts and I try and make the packaging as interesting as the contents. I use a variety of containers and up-cycled baskets, tins, and bits of fabric. I tend to source most of my wrapping supplies at garage sales, but I do love me some tissue paper, so the $-store is also a good source.

Here’s an example of some of the gifts for this month (birthdays, baby-showers, teacher-thank-yous): (Top -to- Bottom, Left -to- Right):

wrapping 4

Using a decorative box, with satin ribbon and chip-board letters and a cool biscuit tin from Japan for those Olliblocks.

Using tissue paper and adding a large sticker; or foam letters (Merci!); my display for the month!; using paint-chips as a tag.

My one friend loves wooden boxes.. this one was a little beat-up, but perfect to hold a gift-card to her favourite store; I sewed a chicken-themed apron for my wannabe farmer friend, Jeff, and this little chicken was part of the fabric. I decorated a plain paper bag with a fabric cut-out; I LOVE using scarves (I buy them at thrift stores by the dozen!) For my beach-in-a-jar, I simply placed the jar in the middle, and tied two opposing ends, then the two other opposing ends.

Wrap 5

Obviously, all these gifts cost $, but I try my best to up-cycle garage sale or thrift store finds, and/or, of course, craft as may creations as possible! I also buy all year ’round for birthdays and Christmas.. when I see a good deal, or find the PERFECT gift, I buy it right away. I have two dressers tucked away in my guest room to hold all of my treasures. This is especially handy when your child hands you a birthday party invitation for a party the next day!

Well folks, that’s a Wrap! yuk yuk!



3 thoughts on “My Wrapping Station

  1. Wow! Look at all these gifts! You are so organized and thoughtful about gifty stuff, totally amazes me:) I guess having it all prepared and ready in one area helps, as does your little owl list!

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