We are a Bird-Friendly Family

Or.. My New May Wreath!

We have become a bird-brained family. In fact, this post corresponds with our chicken, Lightening, and our duck, Howard’s first birthday. We also have Felicia, an adorable wee black bantam and I just hatched Chummy and Spikey in my classroom who will be joining our flock once they’re a little bigger.

bird 1Large: Felicia and Lightening snuggling in the coop Des made me last year.Smalls clock-wise from top: a bucket of chicks, Davin and Spikey (1 day) Cade and Chester aka Chummy (1 day), Des and Chummy’s sister (3 days), just hatched chicks in my classroom.

And this has to do with wreaths, because??!! Well.. the girls became my inspiration for my new front door wreath for May.

I started with an assortment of spring-y bird-y craft supplies, and ended up with a very sweet wreath:

bird 2


    • grape-vine wreath, ribbon, acrylic paint, asst. bird houses, a fake birdie, fishing line.


The Process:

Bird 3

I am always stretching myself to figure out how to add “words” to my crafts. I LOVE words, and “titles” and almost everything I make included some kind of caption!

I am so proud of myself for figuring out using these awesome alphabet stamps (that I got for $0.25 last at a garage sale) and acrylic paint to create a banner on some wide ribbon. Stay tuned for another project featuring this technique!

Once my “caption” was determined, I used some more paint to tweak the two wee “bird houses” that my Crafty Lady friend, Tammy, gave me after she was finished with them. I switched out my original wreath, twice, and decided on this large grape-vine wreath because it has a nest-y feel to it.

After I got everything in place I glue-gunned the ribbon, bird and little houses.NB: I did NOT glue the large house.
That house was too big and there’s no way I would be able to get it to stick without having tons of glue dripping. I’ve used this trick lots: I strung fishing line through the top of the house and tied it to the top of the wreath. While it looks like it’s attached at the bottom, really, it’s just suspended and touching the base of the inner circle. Clever, huh?!

I finished it off by stringing the whole thing from another piece of fishing line and attaching it to my permanent wreath hanger on my front door.

bird 4

I absolutely LOVE this wreath. I think the girls will like it too! Bring on the eggs, ladies!



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