Olliblocks… Or, My New New-Baby Gift!

Spring = New Life!

block 1

I have 2 friends due this April and I’d been looking for something special to make their new bundles. I was considering knitting up something sweet.. in fact, the past two babies born, I made adorable little leg-warmers for (2 girls, siblings of my students), but I have two friends (CE and SG!) who are GREAT knitters, and I knew that my offering would pale in comparison with their gifts.

One day on Pinterest, I came across these cool blocks. I thought, hey! I could do that! It couldn’t be too hard! WELL! I’m STILL not done, 4 weeks later. In fact, one of the babies has already been born! OMG! I just doubled checked facebook.. make that BOTH babies have now been born! What I thought would be a quick project has turned epic, with paper squares and modpodge everywhere.. including on my phone (sorry honey).

Step 1: Cut.

I started, lo these many weeks ago, by cutting some 2×2 into blocks. As you know, 2×2 is actually 1 1/2″ so I cut them my uncle cut them into cubes. Uncle Bruce is the handiest guy I know, and is always getting my husband and I out of house-repair trouble. He’s such a gem, and only asks for a cuppa in return! He showed me how to create a guide by screwing in a second board, 1.5″ from the blade, so that each cut would be the same, and it would save me from measuring umpteen times. He let me use the saw a few times, but only after donning the appropriate safety gear.block cut

Step 2: Modpodge.

After stopping at Uncle Bruce’s workshop, I headed to Staples with my USB with the olliblock pattern to print. Even though it cost me $0.40 x 6, I thought it was worth the high quality colour I would get. To make it go a little further, I had also decided to only do 3 olliblock squares, and 3 scrapbook paper squares per block. Then I headed out to the lake to my friend Krista’s where the crafty ladies were meeting that day. Lucky for me, I had an eager helper!

Block Finn


Yes, I realise that having cute kids in the pictures is a cheap ploy to keep you reading!Anyways, after Finn helped take the blocks out of the bag, I got to modpodging. I used two variations.. one home-made.. a solution of white school glue and water (not great) and the real brand-name solution (great, but expensive.)

Step 3: Modpodge some more.

The tedious task of gluing, modpodging, drying, turning, repeat went on.. and on… and on.

block mayhem

I have blocks all over my workspace/laundry room and bits of paper floating all over the floor! To be honest, I could have been done this project ages ago, but it got a bit boring, and I had to get caught up on tv! haha!

However, these blocks are super cute, super unique and I’m going to be proud to give them to the babies. I’ve got a TON of blocks left over (I just kept cutting and cutting) and have plans for a special Cat in the Hat block set.. which I think I’ll do for little Finn’s birthday.. shh!



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