Easter Baskets

This Easter I wanted to AVOID the dollar store Easter baskets. Partly because they tend to be gaudy, partly because I want to avoid purchasing new-made-in-China, when I could re-use old, and partly because I am SO cheap, I didn’t want to shell out $1.25+tax when I could pay $0.25 at the Attic thrift store.

Update a tired basket, using paint-chips and buttons.

Update a tired basket, using paint-chips and buttons.

I took a look at what I had lying around.. and to be honest, I hadn’t put all of the supplies away from my last little project.

easter before suppliesHere’s what I needed:

  • a basket
  • glue stick
  • paint-chips
  • foam letters
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • buttons
  • ribbon (or other acoutrement!)

Here’s what I did:

  • I started out by deciding on the letters I would use. Be creative! I decided that 5 letters (D-A-V-I-N) would be too long, so I did his initials (D-J-R). You could do a nick-name, or even Easter, or the year.
  • The choice of foam letters, because I don’t have every letter in every colour, dictated the colour choices for the paint-chips!
  • Then I traced some paint-chips into egg shapes. I hate wasting a half chip, and I liked the look of layering the paler egg behind the darker one. Then I stuck on the letter.
  • I lined up the chips, and decided to add buttons in between the “eggs”.
  • I took my trusty needle and thread, and started stringing the eggs and buttons. I used that same thread to attach the banner to the handle of the basket, and added a little ribbon (only because it came with one of the baskets.. what a deal at 25c!)Easter assembly collage


I love the home-made uniqueness of these baskets, and I love that they are functional, too! Hope you had a great Easter, too!

Easter basket in use



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