Dine-In! A Bunting for the Dining Room

bunting title

When my friend, Krista, brought over these pretty silky napkins, she knew that I would be able to come up with some kind of crafty use for them – they were too pretty to wipe your mouth with! I immediately thought that they would make beautiful flowers and I got to cutting and folding. It was only after I had nine or ten finished that I thought of stringing them together to make a bunting for my dining room!bunting finished collage

My dining room is fabulous, I LOVE it! One wall is painted “Passionate Plum” (it was leftover from my hockey team-mate’s bedroom!) and the purple gives me inspiration year ’round. I have some great art, great furniture (upcycled, donated and new) and now a fabulous bunting to finish it off! But I digress…

Bunting How-To


As previously noted, I started with the flowers. I took each napkin and folded it in half – corner to corner, and again, and then each corner into the middle, and a final fold in half.

Bunting folding and gluingThen I cut petals, basically the same way as the silk flowers. (In fact, these were made that same night.. I was in a fold-y cut-y mood!) then layered them up and added a bead in the middle. If I had known that I was going to string them together later, I would have then put some string down the middle of each bead to secure the bead and the layers of petals. But, instead, I just put some hot glue down the “veins” of the petals (3 or 4 lines per flower) and just kind of folded them and the glue seeped through enough layers for them to create some depth and fullness.


I LOVE paint-chips, and keep a supply of them in my crafting station.. in fact every time I’m in Wal-Mart, I pass by that aisle to re-stock! I went back and forth on colour choices, especially about the blue – but I tried to stay true to the blue of the napkin, as the purple is a dead match for my wall colour.bunting lettering how-to

I decided that the chips were too long, so I cut off the last 1 1/2 colours, in a scalloped edge – keeping with the “petal shape” of the flowers edges. *Hint: when making a template – try and fold your template so that it’s symmetrical. I then used some foam letters that I bought at the dollar store ages ago as letter templates.

I spelled out “D-I-N-E {wineglass silhouette} I-N”.

The final task was to string it together. I used some white yarn. I like using yarn as it has a bit of “bite” to it, so I don’t have to tape everything down on the back. Also, the thick white lines of the yarn echo the lines in the paint chip. I punched holes in the chips, and also the flowers (on either side of the bead). While you could hide the yarn on the flowers, or use something else, like invisible thread, I like that the yarn is visible.

Craft Fairy Over and Out!

Final Visual Re-Cap:bunting how-to collage



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