Meggie’s Eggies Wreath

Eggie 1Last night I hosted the monthly “Crafty Ladies” party at my house… and this is what I made!

I was in the mood for a wreath (which I love almost as much as a bunting) and I was also wanting to make some silk flowers from the scraps of silk from my Spring foyer decor I made yesterday. I had picked up a few spring-y things at my favourite local thirft store, including some pretty sparkly eggs, a grape-vine wreath, and a bag of chunky pastel beads.

IMG_0250My friend, Krista, helped me with the final placement.. and thanks to Brittney for suggesting I needed something on the top above the beads, and to Tammy for lending me 6 Scrabble Tiles to complete the look!

To make a similar wreath, you need:Eggie Wreath How-To Collage

TOOLS: glue gun, scissors, needle and thread MATERIALS: beads, scrabble tiles, silk fabric, eggs, wreath, a piece of foam, ribbon for hanging

This wreath is more about artistic placement, than crafty know-how, although I will show you

how I made the silk flowers.

Eggie silk flower how-toI started out by cutting the flowers out of the silk scraps. (I’m a big believer in short cuts, so I started with a square, folded it three times (corner to corner) and then cut a petal shape.

Then I layered the fabric, alternating white and patterned. The initial result was really floppy, and not very full. So I started placing a tiny piece of fun foam in between the layers to puff it out a little more.

As I cut the layers, I also varied the sizes of the flowers, so that when layered, the top one was the smallest. I then finished off the flower with a bead.

Once I finished with the flowers, I was excited to use the pastel beads.. I tried numerous patterns until I settled on one I liked. At first I was a little disappointed on how it hung.. I was going for a “smile” shape, but I love how it mimics the eggs below. (Which is why I went for the very silly wreath “title” of “Eggies” in the scrabble tiles.)

NB: I also placed a square of fabric under each tile, on the diagonal, to bring that fabric in again on the top.

Stay tuned for my second craft I accomplished last night at Crafty Ladies!


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