Plaid Bird


This afternoon I set out to make the fleecy smiley throw pillow, following my friend, Krista’s directions, that I mentioned in my last post.


However, as I was digging in my sewing bins, looking for a pillow form, I came across a silk top, originally from Old Navy, that I grabbed at a Clothing Exchange many moons ago. It never did fit, but I loved the fabric, as well as the pattern.

I was feeling a little pressure to have my foyer decorated before my monthly “Crafty Ladies” party.. (which is totally dumb, because the whole reason for having the party is to make the decorations for the foyer… but I digress.) I decided to use this fabric (luckily there was JUST enough) as a background for my seasonal art project.

SpringFrame Collage

I started out by ironing (gah! I HATE ironing! But I had to given the silk).  I started out by wanting to do one big egg and decorating it with some rick-rack. (The white was the lining, also silk, from the top.) But then I remembered this cute little bird house, that I already had hanging in the door-way to the basement.

Spring $store inspirationI love the little birdy, and used it to trace onto the white, creating a silhouette. Then I realised that on the side was a plaid pattern, and the colours were all matching. It was meant to be!

I finished cutting the eggs and layered them. I used that magic no-sew iron-only hem tape (I actually have no idea what it’s called!). Because of the thin silk, you could kind of see where the tape was, so I only applied it to the overlapping bits of the eggs, and then did two birds, one on top of the other.

After I framed it up (with a frame that my m-i-l gave for C’s nursery eons ago), I stuck on some lettering that I bought at Michael’s, slightly fewer eons ago.

When I decorate my foyer, I always have some kind of framed hanging above my turquoise chair (recovered by chair doctor, Jay of Red Star Repair) and a bunting (my obsession) across my big mirror.

Realizing that I had quite a bit of fabric left, I started cutting up triangles and sewed them all together. Ahh.. I love how it all fell into place, seamlessly (or, one seam, anyhow!)

Here are all my pretty plaid things! (note: it’s REALLY hard to photograph mirrors).



Now to Re-Cap:


Cut, iron, fit, cut “applique,” iron with stitch witchery, place in frame, stick on letters, cut triangles, sew, hang, admire!

Cost: $0.


5 thoughts on “Plaid Bird

    • Great question! I actually used the birdy from the bird house and just traced it onto the white silk, using a fabric pen.

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