Sherlock Holmes.. for my Home

  inspire CollageI LOVE Sherlock.

Recently, I found a “Sherlock” inspired mood board in the back of the March Issue of the Canadian House and Home. I thought, what a fabulous idea for a young man’s room.. or my living room?

I got to thinking.. and pinning some more about this, and found all of these cool images that I wanted to use.

At first, my plan was to somehow arrange them in a frame.. but when I checked out the price of multi-picture frames at Walmart, I realised they were $24.99. Hmm.. not exactly 4F Craftin’ Friendly! I thought about what else I had around the house that might work.

Then I remembered that on all of the “detective” shows, they always have a kind of “detective board” – somewhere they post pictures and make connections. I remembered that I had one left-over corkboard in my LadyLair. (I try and buy them when I see them at garage sales.


I worked on the images that I found on pinterest, on google and I also made a few myself. Here are the pdf files, if you’d like to use them for your own Sherlock inspired decor.sherlock2 sherlock3 sherlock1

sherlock collage 2 sherlock collage 3 sherlock collage 1

I printed them onto photo-paper, added a (photocopied) page of a Sherlock story, and a cool leather button. I’m hoping to add more 3D things as I come across them.

final collage


My final project, although I can’t quite blog about it yet, as the paint hasn’t dried, is the to-be throw pillow for my book nook.

tumblr_static_sherlock_smileyIn season 1, Sherlock spray paints a smiley face on his wall, to express his digust of his boredom. I remembered I had a houndstooth sweater in the “Clothing Exchange Give Away” pile and went back to my trusty spraypaint collection to whip up a little smiley face.

I will be cutting, stuffing and sewing this up tomorrow.

But for now, I am really happy with this new look!

beforebook nook

PS: Moriarty was Real. I believe in Sherlock Holmes.


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