Kitchen Stove Decor

After stoveI love my kitchen.. it’s a happy place to be, full of bright colours and fun accessories.

But before the “Happily Ever After”.. there is a sad beginning to this tale…

Before stoveThis is was my display above my stove. I saw this idea in a magazine a couple of years ago, and I loved the simple idea of baskets as wall-decor. Of course, I’m not one for brown blah baskets, so I jazzed it up with my extensive spray paint collection. While I enjoyed this display for a couple of years, it was time to move on to bigger? better! things.

As previously noted, my kitchen is super colourful and I’ve collected many of these pieces over the past few years. That big bread tin (with roses) is vintage from my grandmother, the kitchenaid art is from Winners and the curtains are repurposed from my son’s nursery, originally from Ikea.

At Chapters, Boxing Day, I was perusing their calendars and found this great one to hang on the fridge (where else do you keep a calendar?)

When I turned to March, I fell in love with this print, and knew it would be my new decor for the above-stove spot.

take out one, put in another

I started asking my friends if they had any spare square frames hanging about (remember, this is a 4F Craftin’ project), and I was trying to be as frugal as I could.

Then I remembered this sweet pink frame I bought for my Valentine’s Day wall decor for my dining room, for $2 at The Attic Thrift Store.

I dug it out from my Valentine’s Day box, and swapped in the new print.

Then attached it to the wall with some 3M wall mounting tabs.

Easy-Peasy-Lemon Squeezy!

It was Fun, Fast, Frugal & Fabulous!

finished  - stove Collage

That’s what I call 4F Fairy Craftin’!


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